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I was going to write about the summer I was an intern for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick — about being the only white person in the Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs (MOCA), about not getting to sign the mayor’s novelty birthday card when I declined to kick in the requisite $200 for his gift (a Rolex), about the one scandal that never surfaced of the four I spied written on the “war room” whiteboard (Navigator, Credit Cards, Mansion Party, Midget) — but Kilpatrick’s forthcoming sentence scarcely merits this another sentence.

Instead, here are six-word stories from some of my favorite people, none of whom, to my knowledge, has been convicted of racketeering. And the 150-word whole is undoubtedly greater than the sum of its 25 parts: These stories mark the culmination of an unforgettable week shared by students from Princeton University in Detroit on a Repair the World alternative spring break and the members of the Bagley Book Brigade — dedicated Detroit fourth- and fifth-graders, along with some older and younger siblings — who took Downtown and Ann Arbor by storm while still finding time to write articles for Cougar’s Corner, Bagley’s school newspaper.

Thus ends my own written contribution.

Kiara Tatyana Edwards, 11
Chocolate is lovely like Charlotte.

Charlotte Sall, 20
Newton, Massachusetts
Bagley and Princeton; friendships across cities.

LaTonia Hasan,15
Being me with people from P.

Jake Jackson, 21
Cincinnati, Ohio
Visited DVP. Rather draw on walls.

Ebony Bryant, 11
Got some chicken in my mind.

Sam Berens, 20
Boulder, Colo.
Looked for buildings, found new friends.

Madison Byrd, 10
Made new friends, happy again again.

De’Sha Tyar Bell Benson, 11
How great was the Madison, Madison?

Jake Miller, 20
Oswego, Ill.
De’Sha’s new checkers rules are crazy!!!

Tyree Rayford, 9
Travel joystick futuristic was
awesome cool.

Maya Wahrman, 20
Jerusalem, Israel
Huddling together — no need for sun.

Sonjai Taylor, 11
Wrote articles with my partner Molly.

Isaac Bryant,  7
Musical stairs. I walked a song.

Molly Fisch-Friedman,19
Princeton Junction, N.J.
Running around Detroit: snow,
statues, smiles.

Camille B. Johnson, 10
The Spirit of Detroit is tall.

Allie Lichterman, 18
Huntington Woods
Infinite Awesomeness: City through new eyes.

Jalen Fagin, 9
Hands-on Museum Dance Floor dance.

Omar Hasan II, 10
Ann Arbor was “funlike” Downtown Detroit.

Amalya Megarman, 19
Teaneck, N.J.
Live through photos, minutes, moments together.

Nathanial Crosby, 13
Fun fun fun at Pinball Pete’s.

Alana Taylor, 10
Writing article about lemonade
recipes, Sara.

Rabbi Sara Rich
Highland Park, N.J.
All ages can teach and learn.

Deangelo Shamr, 11
I want to be a boxer.

Ariana Taylor, 15
People Mover moving people around Detroit.

Rachel Shuman, 19
West Bloomfield
My old city feels new; inspired. 


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