NCJW Women’s March



NCJW sent two buses to the March on Lansing; here, participants get ready to march

Members of National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Detroit Section (NCJW/Greater Detroit) marched Jan. 21 with 8,000 others on the streets of Lansing in support of human rights, civil liberties and social justice for all. 

Irma Glaser, NCJW/Greater Detroit state policy advocate, and Sandi Matz, section president, led two full buses of members and supporters.

“It is hard to picture one lonely voice making much of an impact,” Glaser said to those on her bus. “Today, you are part of a movement to give voice, collectively and powerfully, to our leaders, our legislators: We will continue to be visible, outspoken and active. We will not be silenced!”

Proudly carrying their banner, NCJW participants head off to the march

Matz said, “I have never been more proud of any event we have sponsored or supported. The 115 thoughtful, dedicated and like-minded individuals on our buses were an inspiration to everyone. The minute I walked off the bus in Lansing I knew we made the right decision to participate in this event; we needed to be there.”

Sandi Matz, president, and Irma Glaser, NCJW/Greater Detroit state policy advocate
NCJW/Greater Detroit president Sandi Matz with her daughter, Rachel Matz
Joseph Zaffern
Joseph Zaffern 02.02.2017

It's just a shame none of them marched (or did anything at all) when the bus with the Jewish girls team was stoned by the African American students of the Conner Creek academy not really all that long ago.